Fatal Core will be, and always will be, a free-to-play competitive online card game with no real-money purchases or micro-transactions. Of course, developers need a steady stream of revenue so that their game can continue to grow. Although players share this goal, any strategic victory is cheapened if the driving force behind it is money. A divide forms between high and low-spending players, and tensions often spill over into toxic behavior. We want to try something a little different!

To encourage collaboration between developers and players, Fatal Core will be interactively funded by the player community through channels like Patreon and scaled to community demand. This way, the community will take on a directing role!

The game will be publicly available from an early Alpha state, starting immediately. Players will decide which features, characters, or card sets to develop next. Rewards will be sent at regular intervals to every member of the community. When new funding goals are met, rewards will increase!

We are here to build a great collectible online card game not just for our players, but with them. Support us, and let your voice be heard!

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Really enjoying the mechanics you guys have implemented & also learning them for myself. Hope you enjoy the video

Thanks a lot, awesome video!

To our new players:

-Quick tutorial access: https://imgur.com/bXtQskX

-A large amount of high-tier currency is awarded to all players Wednesday and Friday. Check back frequently in order to improve your collection! 

-Having trouble finding matches? Join our Discord channel! Our friendly community is ready to play with you and answer your gameplay questions. https://discord.gg/augzm4n